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Sri Devi Real Estate, A Chennai based real estate company founded by Mr.P.Babu as a proprietary concern in 1983. Sri Devi Real Estate developed over 300 acres of MMDA approved layout in and around Athipattu village (North Madras). Mariyamman Nagar, Karumariyamman Nagar, Sri Devi Nagar are a few to be named.

For business expansion Sri Devi Real Estate was incorporated as Sri Devi Housing Pvt Ltd. in 1992 with Mr.P.Babu as Managing Director, Mrs.P.Rajeshwari, as one of the Directors.

Sri Devi Housing Pvt Ltd..Companies which has been a big player in the industry for close to 25 years, has a strong record and has successfully initiated over 1000 acres of land development in both commercial and residential space.

Mr.B.Madhu is an Engineer who joined Sri Devi Housing Pvt Ltd in 2004 and became a Director in 2010. Has been in the domain of Real Estate for around 15 years, continuing the business of his father who had been successful in the industry for more than 4 decades already.


Can Housing & Infrastructure

To a take it a level further Can Housing & Infrastructure a partnership firm was formed by the Directors of Sri Devi Housing Pvt Ltd Mr.B.Madhu, Mrs.P.Rajeshwari and two others. This firm focuses on developing total infrastructure providing necessary facilities for a happy and quality day to day life.



Our Vision is to develop in to a world class company providing quality housing at affordable prices, which exceeds our customer’s expectations. Can Housing & Infrastructure is a customer oriented company with emphasis on quality service.


CORE VALUES – we believe in treating our customers with respect and faith. We grow through creativity, invention and innovation. We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning.


In 2001 we procured and sold 80 acres of land at Vellivayal Chavadi
(North Chennai) for the extension of its Technical Centre.

70 acres of land was procured and sold to set up a crusher unit
near Ennore Harbour and North Madras Thermal Power Station
which supply raw materials to this unit.

This unit converts coal into coke and the heat generated
through this process are recovered and used for Power Generation.
120 acres of land have been sold for this project by us.

Sri Devi Housing has established a 150 acres hub exclusive for
Container Freight in New Nappalayam which is 12 km from
Ennore Port, for renowned Freighters like TRIWAY, TRIMAX.


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